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video quality: hd country: india genre: action, crime, drama download movie favorite imdb ratings: 6.1 2017 86 min when an american teenager gets bullied at her school in southeast asia, she fights backand gets sent to a reform school. but the school is more like a prison, and its run by a sadistic country club owner. but she then becomes the latest target for the vengeful owner of a shuttered restaurant. soon enough, the situation takes a turn for the worse.

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country: india genre: comedy, crime, thriller download movie favorite imdb: 6.2 2017 79 min when a family of thieves is arrested, they are forced to work for the police and put to use in solving crimes. one of them, vikram, ends up in an awkward relationship with a female cop.initial release: april 18, 2017director: r. balkibox office: 364 million did you know: some of the cast and crew belonged to jaya tv, a famous reality television show. although it was broadcast on a small channel, it became india's third highest-rated show after bigg boss

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