Central. Welcoming. Affordable​

Join us at Studio 22 to take advantage of our welcoming community of dancers and fully-equipped studios.

We have 5 Studio spaces, great for a variety of things from busy dance classes to private yoga lessons.

 All spaces are affordable and have their own speaker systems and mirrors, along with other equipment like Ballet Barres and Yoga mats that are available on request.

Take a look at our spaces below and then visit our Studio Booking Page to book your space. If you need any information or you are looking to make a block booking, please email

Looking for a space in the West End?

Take a look at our sister studio -  Dance Glasgow.



Our largest Studio 22 space, and newly renovated - photos coming very soon! 

This studio features a Le Mark vinyl dance floor, great for all styles of dance, one fully mirrored wall and a new powerful double speaker system, compatible with Bluetooth, USB and  aux in. The windows look down on to a bustling City Centre, the perfect place for an energetic class.

15m x 6.8m

£25 per hour

£130 all day rate (9am-5pm or 10am-6pm)

DG 1.jpg


One of our small studios, in the heart of the action. A great space for small group sessions or for solo practise or drama rehearsals. Wooden floor (suitable for tapping), one mirrored wall and a speaker with Bluetooth and aux in. A warm and inspiring spot.

5m x 4m

£10 per hour

£45 all day hire (9am-5pm or 10am-6pm)6pm)

DG 4.jpg


A calm space with natural light through the large window. This studio has a wooden floor (no tapping allowed), a mirrored wall and speaker compatible with Bluetooth and Aux In. A small space but due to it's length, can comfortably fit 5 Yoga mats. 

6m x 3.5m

£10 per hour

£45 all day hire (9am-5pm or 10am-6pm)



The second largest space in Studio 22, recently refloored and freshly painted. A medium sized studio with a wooden floor, one mirrored wall and a loud sound system compatible with Bluetooth, USB and aux in. Great for ballroom classes, fitness classes and most styles of dance - flooring not the most ideal for Ballet

6.5m x 6m

£15 per hour

£75 all day rate (9am-5pm or 10am-6pm)

Coming Soon Neon Light


As part of our renovations we are creating a new space. We aim to have this available for the end of April. The studio will have vinyl dance floor, a mirrored wall and a speaker system. Tucked away at the back of the building, this space will be more private and quieter than some of our other spaces.

5m x 4m

£10 per hour

£45 all day rate (9am-5pm or 10am-6pm)