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Index Of Pedo Rar [REPACK]

On first inspection I thought this was a left hand facing right with an index finger twirled around in obvious fuckery. Look closer. That is not a finger. It is a left hand facing the camera. The index finger is pointing up, along with the middle finger (and ring finger in shadow). The twirl is something that the person is holding in the palm of their hand, clutched in play by the thumb.

Index Of Pedo Rar

I mean there's very few things in life that bother me, but pedophilia and child torture are probably the only 2 things I can't stomach. But yeh I guess you're right about using conspiracy and taboo. Never thought of it that way.

On first inspection I thought this was a left hand facing right with an index finger twirled around in obvious fuckery. Look closer. That is not a finger. It is a left hand facing the camera. The index finger is pointing up, along with the middle finger (and ring finger in shadow). The twirl is something that the person is holding in the palm of their hand, clutched in place by the thumb.

it's not a finger.this is what you are saying, with the index finger bent 5 times or some shit. That isn't a finger.this is what I am saying. The spiral is not a finger. It is an object held in the palm of a person's left hand, held in place by the thumb. The person's palm is facing the camera.

There is space between said object and the thumb. Which means in order to be holding an object they would have to be holding it in between their index and middle finger (no one does that)...But more importantly the only position this picture makes sense is if the persons back is to the stage and that is their left hand. (again, a weird position to be standing in let alone be the center of the picture) Having your thumbs be the first thing you see from the stage vantage point would mean person with hand is facing the stage but have turned their right hand completely inward...even then, your palm would be facing out, not in.

Yes. Large (but not exclusive) part of what's going on in this sub: manufactured anger directed against democrats for benefit of right win politicians and political movement. Many in this sub will upvote and support anything as long as it paints a democrat as a pedophile.

You must be looking at the wrong thing. If you look closely at the finger in Newsom's photo, then you will see a triangle within a triangle which was photoshopped. That's the symbol FBI says is used to signal sexual preference -3560069/The-symbols-pedophiles-use-signal-sordid-sexual-preferences-social-media.html

i didnt spam....but i just asked like how a boomer would...taking the pedo claims out of it....and making it seem like pure confusion....if reddit does this in a formal way....we can see if changes it and make reddit history...god damn i sound like a 4channer

I don't deny that the photo is on his Twitter, but has there been previous times where he has been seen with the symbols associated with pedophillia? So apart from this is there any additional evidence?Side not did not know there were such symbols until today.

Ok this needs clearing up, 1 yes it is used as a symbol for pedophiles.2 the pedophiles that use this symbol are part of a cult and it is the cults symbol, this proves said cult do rape children but it is not their main objective..more a side effect 3, the symbol and the cult is known to me and their other symbols and its true meaning 4 the main objective of this cult? their eating us....more will be released with 100% evidence on the 1st of next month..... -us/new-to-hearthstone/

Jun 01 03:00:02 storm lulsec.lulz.netJun 01 03:00:10 storm or sec.lulz.netJun 01 03:00:11 storm or whateverJun 01 03:00:22 Topiary we're working on a website at the momentJun 01 03:00:28 Topiary 'sides we already has haz.lulz.netJun 01 03:00:41 Topiary I will show you the design for the site so farJun 01 03:00:46 storm you have access to 01 03:00:53 storm my friend owns it >:Jun 01 03:01:15 [redacted] is ran by furrysJun 01 03:01:18 [redacted] yiff in hellJun 01 03:01:18 [redacted] :]Jun 01 03:01:45 Topiary banner at the top links to whatever, rest is just background (including rainbow)Jun 01 03:01:45 storm watJun 01 03:01:49 Topiary it's in progress etcJun 01 03:01:53 lol im a furry im sat here in my fur suit :DJun 01 03:02:02 [redacted] oh you troll :DJun 01 03:02:37 storm FailSec The Fail BoatJun 01 03:02:37 storm @Jun 01 03:02:37 storm @awinee @LulzSec so ok i ran this thing but nothing happened, wth chinese pirates are killing my cuban refugees!Jun 01 03:02:43 storm is he talking about my ddoses?Jun 01 03:02:48 storm cause i hit from chinese boxesJun 01 03:02:50 storm lolJun 01 03:03:15 Topiary nah they don't know where China is on the mapJun 01 03:03:18 Topiary let alone what a box isJun 01 03:03:20 storm probably looks like a botnet of china residentalsJun 01 03:03:33 storm ahhJun 01 03:06:02 storm i guess i put too much credit in peopleJun 01 03:06:19 lol i say we just root 2600 and sniff their IRCD for a few monthJun 01 03:06:47 Topiary easier said than don-- wait, you're kayla :xJun 01 03:06:54 Topiary easier done than said in that caseJun 01 03:06:57 storm i want an apache 0day >: sniff the fk out of themJun 01 03:06:58 joepie92 TopiaryJun 01 03:07:05 joepie92 do you has any more screenshots of site design?Jun 01 03:07:16 Topiary not reallyJun 01 03:07:17 Topiary why?Jun 01 03:07:53 joepie92 because I'm curious :PJun 01 03:08:49 Topiary only has this other one: Jun 01 03:08:54 Topiary where the rainbow chills behind and the border is goneJun 01 03:08:55 joepie92 what the shit - adrian lamo registered 01 03:09:16 joepie92 also, Topiary, make the rainbow overlay the page content :3Jun 01 03:09:32 * devrandom (devrandom@HA-cgq.t9g.4u7qps.IP) has joined #pure-eliteJun 01 03:09:52 Topiary indeed joepieJun 01 03:09:58 hello folksJun 01 03:10:09 lol hey :DJun 01 03:10:16 Topiary and yes he didJun 01 03:10:19 Topiary Jun 01 03:10:48 lol im telling you :DJun 01 03:10:52 lol it's cos he's an attention seekerJun 01 03:10:54 sorry i haven't been in much ... got a new machine, been working on vm shiteJun 01 03:10:58 lol it's so someone whois itJun 01 03:11:01 lol and sees his nameJun 01 03:11:05 lol so he gets a mentionJun 01 03:11:06 lol lolJun 01 03:11:15 lol really do hate ppl like thatJun 01 03:11:52 lol he's never hacked anything, he sat out side of some building cracked their wifi and then went and told them so he could get arrested and get a mention lolJun 01 03:11:54 lol wtfJun 01 03:11:54 Topiary the world would be a better place without 2600 ;xJun 01 03:12:04 lol he has links to google searchs of himselfJun 01 03:12:12 lol he really, really is lonelyJun 01 03:12:43 storm so are they a target aside from just packeting?Jun 01 03:12:59 lol they are complete fair game :)Jun 01 03:13:15 lol the j3st3rs dox would be nice :)Jun 01 03:13:18 Topiary well A) they are a bunch of asshats, B) Jester is a fucktard who *everyone* would want to destroy, C) Apache 0day, D) Adrian needs a spankingJun 01 03:13:29 joepie92 E) bring the lulzJun 01 03:13:30 joepie92 :DJun 01 03:13:35 Topiary yes, that tooJun 01 03:14:44 Topiary ah wait that was Adrian Chen sending us those insulting tweetsJun 01 03:14:47 Topiary both losersJun 01 03:15:14 storm i like C most of allJun 01 03:15:15 storm ;xJun 01 03:15:17 Topiary he tried to arrange an interview with LulzSec, told him to fuck off before Gawker gets rootedJun 01 03:15:26 Topiary then he tweets us saying PBS hack was stupidJun 01 03:15:36 lol isn't tht apache 0day pub yet?Jun 01 03:15:37 Topiary cuts deep :(Jun 01 03:16:26 storm well if it were public it wouldnt be a 0day anymoreJun 01 03:16:27 storm ;xJun 01 03:16:34 lol tru :oJun 01 03:18:03 Topiary (Jester's flavour of choice is Ubuntu, FYI)Jun 01 03:18:18 lol NS History:Jun 01 03:18:18 lol 1 change on 2 unique name servers over 0 year.Jun 01 03:18:18 lol Reverse IP:Jun 01 03:18:18 lol 164,461 other sites hosted on this server.Jun 01 03:18:18 lol Log In or Create a FREE account to start monitoring this domain nameJun 01 03:18:18 lol DomainTools for WindowsÂJun 01 03:18:18 lol Now you can access domain ownership records anytime, anywhere... right from your own desktop! Download Now>Jun 01 03:18:18 lol Domain Name: lulzsec.comJun 01 03:18:18 lol Registrant Contact:Jun 01 03:18:18 lol Adrian Lamo Jun 01 03:18:18 lol LulzSec LLCJun 01 03:18:18 lol 108 WEST 13TH STREETJun 01 03:18:19 lol Wilmington, Delaware 19801-1145Jun 01 03:18:20 lol USJun 01 03:18:21 lol +1.8889201981Jun 01 03:18:53 lol do you think he's tht much of an attention seeker to use his real address?Jun 01 03:19:05 Topiary we could always call his assJun 01 03:19:08 lol can someone in the US phone tht number and see if it's really him?Jun 01 03:19:12 Topiary I'll call himJun 01 03:19:32 lol if so i'll do some ic3 requests as him being the leader of luzsec, he owns the domain afterallJun 01 03:19:41 joepie92 >LulzSec LLCJun 01 03:19:42 lol :DJun 01 03:19:47 Topiary what does he sound like?Jun 01 03:20:02 lol a looserJun 01 03:20:04 lol xDJun 01 03:20:10 lol just say you are mediaJun 01 03:20:14 lol and you found the domainJun 01 03:20:20 lol and you'd like to interview himJun 01 03:20:27 lol feed his need for attentionJun 01 03:20:30 lol :DJun 01 03:20:30 joepie92 big potential for lulz is bigJun 01 03:20:54 lol yes :DJun 01 03:20:57 Topiary calling him nowJun 01 03:21:00 Topiary ringringJun 01 03:21:05 joepie92 TopiaryJun 01 03:21:06 joepie92 skypeJun 01 03:21:06 storm at 3am lolJun 01 03:21:06 joepie92 :(Jun 01 03:21:08 joepie92 and tinychatJun 01 03:21:09 lol :3Jun 01 03:21:16 storm i agree @ skypeJun 01 03:21:16 storm ;xJun 01 03:21:22 Topiary he's not there, AT&T virtual blahblahblah not availableJun 01 03:21:26 joepie92 lolJun 01 03:21:33 joepie92 AT&T :oJun 01 03:21:42 joepie92 didn't we have some... AT&T noms?Jun 01 03:21:50 lol yes :DJun 01 03:22:06 lol i think it was only their buisnuiess stuff?Jun 01 03:22:09 joepie92 yeJun 01 03:22:09 joepie92 wellJun 01 03:22:16 joepie92 it wouldnt surprise meJun 01 03:22:20 joepie92 if Lamo had a business acctJun 01 03:22:42 joepie92 Topiary.Jun 01 03:22:47 joepie92 someone thinks Avunit is youJun 01 03:22:54 Topiary someone thinks everyone is meJun 01 03:22:59 joepie92 lolJun 01 03:23:04 storm I am Topiary Jun 01 03:23:06 joepie92 Jun 01 03:23:07 lol even im Topiary :DJun 01 03:23:11 storm ^Jun 01 03:23:12 Topiary goddamnit what the fuck is thatJun 01 03:23:13 storm I'm lol tooJun 01 03:23:15 joepie92 AliasesJun 01 03:23:16 joepie92 Topiary, AVUnit, WhirlpoolJun 01 03:23:18 storm ;dJun 01 03:23:23 lol this entire channel is Topiary talking to himself :DJun 01 03:23:28 joepie92 alsoJun 01 03:23:30 joepie92 that is a wikiJun 01 03:23:32 joepie92 with tinychat screencapsJun 01 03:23:44 joepie92 and small amounts of doxJun 01 03:23:44 lol screen sessions, screen sessions everywhereJun 01 03:24:10 Topiary attributes: cautiousJun 01 03:24:15 Topiary what-does-it-mean.aviJun 01 03:24:28 joepie92 lolJun 01 03:24:29 joepie92 soJun 01 03:24:32 joepie92 what I am wondering aboutJun 01 03:24:40 joepie92 is why "Homosexual" is not just in the Attributes templateJun 01 03:24:48 joepie92 as 99% of the tinychatfags seems to fit that descriptionJun 01 03:25:07 Topiary "frequently makes prank calls"Jun 01 03:25:13 Topiary I went on TinyChat one night and did them :(Jun 01 03:25:19 Topiary these guys have done their research!!11Jun 01 03:25:22 joepie92 lolJun 01 03:25:24 lol we need to pwn a media/mews company and offer j35t3r an interview see if he bites, see what we can extract out of him?Jun 01 03:25:41 lol pose as mediaJun 01 03:25:43 lol :DJun 01 03:26:00 storm kayla 4 prezJun 01 03:26:51 Topiary this is worse than the time some faggot did thisJun 01 03:26:52 Topiary _%28hacktivist%29Jun 01 03:26:57 Topiary can we delete this somehow?Jun 01 03:27:21 joepie92 interesting.... the guy who made the wikia one is using anonineJun 01 03:27:27 lol It's worth noting that he has a particular fondness for bitcoins, and is likely the one who manages the bitcoin donations to LulzSec. Jun 01 03:27:30 storm Not much is known about Corey, except that he uses a voice changer on TinyChat to deepen his voice and the he will incessantly ask to see men's genitals while trying to engage them in the webcam equivalent of phone sex. He seems to be particularly interested in Topiary. Jun 01 03:27:32 storm ROFLMFAOJun 01 03:27:38 joepie92 and Topiary, you can always play the notability cadJun 01 03:27:39 joepie92 card*Jun 01 03:27:57 joepie92 if you sound convinced enough that you're not notableJun 01 03:28:00 joepie92 wikipedo's will remove anythingJun 01 03:28:15 joepie92 storm: fun thing is that's coreys actual voiceJun 01 03:28:15 joepie92 lolJun 01 03:28:20 joepie92 :DJun 01 03:28:22 * joepie92 lulzJun 01 03:28:25 storm xDJun 01 03:28:29 Topiary who made this Wiki?Jun 01 03:28:36 Topiary because all their facts come from lurking in TinyChat for one nightJun 01 03:28:59 * devrandom has quit (Quit: leaving)Jun 01 03:29:11 lol awinee was braggin about being in a tiny chat on his twitter lolJun 01 03:29:18 joepie92 HAJun 01 03:29:19 Topiary yeah he wasJun 01 03:29:20 joepie92 FUCKING MORONJun 01 03:29:20 joepie92 :Contributions/ 01 03:29:22 joepie92 HAHAHAHAJun 01 03:29:28 joepie92 01 03:29:31 joepie92 nice vpn broJun 01 03:29:34 lol proberbly him, someone shuld include his dox on tht wiki page as supreme anonymous leaderJun 01 03:29:35 Topiary secJun 01 03:29:52 lol lol deffinetly not VPN :DJun 01 03:29:57 lol someone social tht ISPJun 01 03:29:58 lol :DJun 01 03:30:12 joepie92 other person uses anonineJun 01 03:30:24 joepie92 so I guess it's time for some user searching on anonopsJun 01 03:30:25 joepie92 :DJun 01 03:30:39 Topiary * Asherah ( 01 03:30:39 Topiary asherah_ is Asherah@ * AsherahJun 01 03:30:39 Topiary * amob ( 01 03:30:39 Topiary * Cephurs ( Jun 01 03:30:39 Topiary cephurs was * ...Jun 01 03:30:39 Topiary cephurs was ching@ * ...Jun 01 03:30:43 Topiary cephurs was * ...Jun 01 03:30:45 lol fuck if it was road runner i know someone who can fully dox IP -> address name everythingJun 01 03:30:45 Topiary * T71 ( has joined #jesterJun 01 03:30:47 Topiary === bluesoul120 ''bluesoul''Jun 01 03:30:49 Topiary bluesoul120 is bluesoul@ * bluesoulJun 01 03:30:51 Topiary godbert ( has joined #jesterJun 01 03:30:53 Topiary godbert was * juevos rancherosJun 01 03:30:55 Topiary Matches?Jun 01 03:31:24 joepie92 01 03:31:40 lol 01 03:31:40 lol is flordia?Jun 01 03:31:42 joepie92 let me get the other ipsJun 01 03:31:42 joepie92 yaJun 01 03:31:48 storm i'm in floridaJun 01 03:31:50 storm :OJun 01 03:31:53 lol :oJun 01 03:32:16 joepie92 Naam: 76-216-232-237.lightspeed.sndgca.sbcgl


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