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Cyber Law Simplified By Vivek Sood Ebook


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_OC_InitNavbar("child_node":["title":"My library","url":" =114584440181414684107\u0026source=gbs_lp_bookshelf_list","id":"my_library","collapsed":true,"title":"My History","url":"","id":"my_history","collapsed":true,"title":"Books on Google Play","url":" ","id":"ebookstore","collapsed":true],"highlighted_node_id":"");Cyber Law SimplifiedVivek SoodTata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, 2001 - Computer crimes - 598 pages 4 ReviewsReviews aren't verified, but Google checks for and removes fake content when it's identifiedCyber Law Simplified presents a harmonious analysis of the key provisions of the TI Act, 2000 in consonance with the relevant aspects of several other laws of the land which impact jurisdiction in the cyber work. The book offers solutions to critical cyber-legal problems and would facilitate legal planning, decision making and cyber-legal compliance in the e-world. The simple and reader friendly style of writing would provide a clear understanding of the subject to managers in the areas of systems, business, legal, tax or human resources; CEOs; COOs; CTOs; and IT consultants. What people are saying - Write a reviewReviews aren't verified, but Google checks for and removes fake content when it's identifiedUser Review - Flag as inappropriateok

Cyber Law Simplified By Vivek Sood Ebook

Cyber Law Simplified has presented the cyber laws governing India in a simplified format, rather than in the legal jargon that internet users in the country cannot relate to. What is interesting is that besides articulating the various features of the IT Act, 2000 the books goes forward to explain several other laws and their interplay with the IT Act, 2000. This helps to provide the user with a comprehensive approach to issues dealing with cyber crimes, contract violations, online fraud, etc.

This book neither contains the philosophy of cyber law nor is it a yet another legal commentary meant only for the legal community. It presents an analysis of the cyber law in India in a simplified form, offering a clear understanding of the subject to the IT community and to the lay netizens, besides the legal fraternity. The book has been written keeping in view the many cyber-legal issues and problems the e-commerce players, such as dot coms, Internet Service Providers (ISPS), software businesses, IT consultants, and corporates having IT as an integral part of their systems, are frequently confronted with. It also covers the issues they are likely to face head-on, once just another fraction of the potential of e-commerce is unleashed on the globe.


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