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IMG 003 JPG [2021]

Hello all. This is a concept for a sci-fi city, I did this project just for fun and to train skills in composition, matte paint and study Clarisse IFX. Basic modeling done in Maya, sculpt and textures in 3d Coat, compositing Nuke and Photoshop.Camera animation and mini making of:



If you want to use this image under a different license, for example if you can't give attribution or if you can't share a derivative work under the same licence, then I may ask for a small fee to do so, which will help me cover the cost of my photography equipment.

If you have photos or videos in a Picasa Web Album, the easiest way to still access, modify and share most of that content is to log in to Google Photos. Your photos and videos will already be there.

For those who have already downloaded it, it will continue to work as it does today. But we will not be developing it further, and there will be no future updates.If you choose to switch to Google Photos, you can continue to upload photos and videos using the desktop uploader at

Download a zip of the latest release (or any previous one) from the Github Releases page. Or install using npm: npm install lightbox2 --save Open up the zip file and take a peek at the barebones, working example that is included in the /examples folder.

Pacific Coast Land Design is a small, regional landscape architecture firm located in Ventura, California that specializes in urban design, environmental planning, sustainable \u201Cgreen\u201D design, and irrigation design for projects in Ventura, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles Counties and greater Southern California. This website showcases our project portfolio, staff and business to potential clients and parties interested in the wide range of boutique landscape architecture and planning services.

Appear to be every sender that has logos embedded in the emails, or other graphics. Some people have these complicated logos with several parts and they have a LOT of images in the attachment field before the actual attachment.Want to see one?

Thragg was born on Viltrum. He was trained in all manners of combat and bred to be the strongest Viltrumite.[1] After their emperor, Argall was killed by Thaedus, Thragg fought in the Viltrumite civil war, meaning Thragg is thousands of years old. After the battle, the Viltrumites would emerge an unbeatable race led by him. Thragg would be granted the title of Grand Regent, tasked with finding the heir of Argall. He would keep Argall's skull as a reminder of what would happen were the Empire to fall into disarray. The Scourge Virus would be created and planet's population severely depleted and would make him believe that the heir had died. Afterwards, he would cease all attempts to find the heir, feeling that he had earned his place among them [2]

It is revealed that Thragg has an inside spy in the Coalition of Planets, and has tasked him to take down the planetary barrier on Talescria [4]. Afterwards, he would speak to the skull of former Emperor of Viltrum, Argall. He states that Argall will be avenged after Thaedus is dead. He retreats from Talescria after Mark and Oliver destroy his warship. He rushes into battle, hoping to fight back, but decides against it. He and the other Viltrumties retreat to Viltrum [5]. When the Coalition arrives, he leads the Viltrumite charge. In the beginning, Thragg attacks Space Racer and Mark rushes to attack him.

Their conversation is uninterrupted by the Ragnars being released. Battle Beast assists Thragg in killing them due to him not wanting an advantage. Thragg gets disemboweled by one of them and their battle is interrupted by Thraxans assisting Thragg. Battle Beast disembowels himself in to order to make their battle even, with Thragg mocking him. The duo charges at each other with Thragg having the initial advantage until Battle Beast bites him, causing Thragg's left eye is severely damaged [22] The battle been going on for days with no clear sign of who is the victor [23].

Thragg successfully kills Battle Beast. Before he dies, Battle Beast thank Thragg and Thragg crushes his heart. He succumbs to his injuries and loses consciousness. He is then transported by Thraxans off the planet. He would take many Thraxan warriors and women with him. He then has his left eye and gashed-open head patched up. Thragg would then have Battle Beast's hide torn off and wear it as a cape with a golden Viltrum Empire symbol over it. When one of the women asks how he is doing, he says that his health is improving [24]. On the run, Thragg, the Thraxans, and his many children roam the cosmos so that they can avoid Coalition detection. Space Racer detects him and Thragg kills several Coalition soldiers. While Space Racer runs, Thragg attempts to kill him [25].

While Mark was in his coma for five years, Thragg was rebuilding the ranks of Viltrum Empire and all of his children have reached adolescence. He makes a move on Talescria with having his daughter, Ursaal attack one of their major buildings.[26] Later, he breaks up a skirmish between his son Onann and Ursaal.[27] Oliver, acting as a double agent for Thragg, asks to meet him in person. Thragg, in the meantime, kills some Rognarrs in front of his other children, and then orders Onann and Ursaal to kill Mark Grayson.[28]. Thragg calls Oliver again to inform him that he has located Mark and that he will kill him and his family, despite Oliver's wishes. Thragg arrives and grabs Terra. As she struggles against Thragg, Oliver intervenes, allowing her to escape. After a short battle, Thragg impales Oliver and kills him in front of Terra. Mark holds Onann hostage asking that Thragg let him go. Mark kills Onann and begins attacking Thragg. Thragg gains the other hand and rips Mark in half while Ursaal seemingly kills Eve. He leaves Terra to die.

Ursaal is shown crying over what happened to Ornaan with Thragg, he tells her that both her and Ornaan were very special to him as he reluctantly tries to comfort her, telling her that they will avenge her brother.

He continues his conquest with his army, taking over more planets and causing more deaths, as he prepares an all out attack on the resistance he sends his children to fight Mark, when they try to fight him they end up getting splattered as he is too strong for them, he begs them to stop as they are killing themselves, Ursaal confronts him over this but he grabs her by the throat telling her that no sacrifice is too great for their mission claiming that said fallen soldiers were weak and deserved to die.

When Thragg tries to make an escape Mark pulls them both into the core of the sun burning all of their flesh off.After that, Mark, despite knowing that he can't hear his thoughts anymore, starts to describes in perfect detail how much Thragg sucks as both a leader and a Viltrumite for clinging to the old practices that brought their race to the brink of extinction, fighting for selfish and empty causes, and holding their species back from achieving their true potential.

Mark then gains the upper hand when one of Robot's armors arrives and attaches itself to him mid-speech, granting him a few extra moments of protection from the searing heat whilst Thragg continues to burn. With their fight getting more intense with more and more explosions from the sun the lava ends up melting the Robot armor Invincible is wearing.

In the final moments of the fight, Thragg, having sustained far more damage than his opponent, breaks both of Mark's arms in a fit of rage and desperation. But Mark thinks quickly and then finally kills Thragg by ripping his throat out with his teeth. After that, Mark is fully prepared to die as well, only for Allen to show up and carry him to safety, leaving Thragg's corpse behind to be consumed by the sun.

Class 100+: Thragg was said to be the strongest Viltrumite to ever exist which he is stronger than Omni-Man and Invincible, he was able to easily decapitate Thaedus, kill Battle Beast and fatally wound Omni-Man.

Without knowing much about the ImageMagick command-line, you can probably surmise that the first command above converts an image in the JPEG format to one in the PNG format. However, very few may realize the second, more complex command, gives a flat two-dimensional label a three-dimensional look with rich textures and simulated depth:

In the next sections we dissect the anatomy of the ImageMagick command-line. Hopefully, after carefully reading and better understanding how the command-line works, you should be able to accomplish complex image-processing tasks without resorting to the sometimes daunting program interfaces.

In Linux shells, certain characters such as the asterisk (*) and question mark (?) automagically cause lists of filenames to be generated based on pattern matches. This feature is known as globbing. ImageMagick supports filename globbing for systems, such as Windows, that does not natively support it. For example, suppose you want to convert 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, 4.jpg, and 5.jpg in your current directory to a GIF animation. You can conveniently refer to all of the JPEG files with this command:

Images are stored in a myriad of image formats includingthe better known JPEG, PNG, TIFF and others. ImageMagick must know the formatof the image before it can be read and processed. Most formats have asignature within the image that uniquely identifies the format. Failingthat, ImageMagick leverages the filename extension to determine the format. For example, image.jpg or image.JPG tells ImageMagickit is reading an image in the JPEG format. 041b061a72


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