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Julian Scott

LabVIEW MathScript

I've previously installed labview 8.6, NI-DAQmx 8.6, and NI vision acquistion 8.6.1 on several computers, and is working fine. However, currently (on a recently reformatted computer) i've installed all these software, but for some reason, it does not have mathscript. When I open an example, it shows the mathscript node, but i cannot change it, and it's not listed in the mathematics functions (however, script node and matlab script is ..see attached image). Also, the signal express functin block is empty.

LabVIEW MathScript

You can include MathScript commands in the Block diagram of a VI in aMathScript node which is available on the Functions / Mathematics / Scripts & Formulas palette. Let us look at a simple example. Below are the Front panel and the Block diagram of, followed by comments. You will soon be guided through the development of this VI.

  • Enter values to these Front panel elements as on the Front panel of mathscript_example. Do the following with the Block diagram (re-position the elements as you wish): Add a MathScript node from the Functions / Mathematics / Scripts & Formulas palette. In the node, type the commands as shown in the Block diagram of mathscript_example

  • Create input tunnels and output tunnels to the node by right-clicking on the border of the node, and give these inputs and outputs names as shown in the Block diagram of mathscript_example.

  • Connect the control terminals to the inputs of the MathScript node according to the Block diagram of mathscript_example. The data type of each input is then automatically set by LabVIEW, but you should check the settings by right-clicking on each of the inputs.

  • It turns out that the data type of the outputs are not set automatically by LabVIEW. In stead, you must set the data type manually by right-clicking on each of the outputs: z: Scalar, DBL

  • y: Matrix, real

  • Then connect the ouputs y and z to their respective indicators. Create an error indicator on the Front panel: Right-click on the error output (at the lower right corner of the MathScript node) / Create Indicator.

Save the VI, and run it. Does it work? 041b061a72


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