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Vmware Vcenter Converter Standalone 4.0.1 'LINK'

All I can tell you is the steps I presented is exactly what I did and when I got to the place shown in the image I clicked Manually Download and it downloaded the VMware-converter-4.0.1-161434.exe file to my Downloads folder. So check the location you have set for downloaded files in your Browsers preferences and or search the HDD for a file name VMware-converter-4.0.1-161434.exe, assuming that's the one you downloaded. If you can't find it then go through the steps again. Note if you try the same steps after logging into your acount they may not be the same and jump to the location as show in the image.

Vmware Vcenter Converter Standalone 4.0.1

Unfortunately, the current version of the converter is not compatible with the distributed appliance. You need to use version 4.0.1 of the standalone converter, which is no longer available from VMWare. You can get it from our website:

Our database contains single file for filename vmware-converter-4.0.1-161434.exe. This file belongs to product VMware vCenter Converter Standalone and was developed by company VMware, Inc.. This file has description Contact: Your local administrator . This is executable file. You can find it running in Task Manager as the process vmware-converter-4.0.1-161434.exe.

Anonymous,You install the converter either on the vCenter server (4.x) or on a desktop machine (XP/Win7), then deploy the sysprep tools on the same machine where vCenter Converter is installed, not on the machine you want to convert.Also, you need the older version of the standalone converter to make sure it supports Win2k.

HelloI would like some extra info please:1. Should I run sysprep on my W2K server before copying the sysprep files to the converter machine ?I downloaded and copy the sysprep for W2k (from MS), but vmware converter still request them in the programdata folder.2. I am using esx5 on my host server. the converter I found there does not take in charge W2K. I had to download version 4.0.1 of converter and run it from another pc. Can I send the data directly from converter 4 to esx5 infrastructure ?thanks for your helpHdo

Anonymous,That most likely means Windows filesystem quiesce service failed to snapshot the filesystem.You have two options: Use the old VMware cold clone CD (requires booting from the CD -- downtime) or use a cloning tool that the new converter can convert from it to a vmware virtual machine.

Are you trying to hot clone? If so, you need to use VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 4.0.1 I believe. First create an account at, then search for "VMware vCenter Converter Standalone". On the "License & Download" tab at the bottom of all the 5.x downloads is 4.0.1.

Just did this. Installed VMware vCenter Converter Standalone (v 4.0.1) on the local Windows 2000 server which has SP4 and SP4 rollup installed. Had to reboot the server. Started converter and used the local admin creds. Remember to point the destination at a host, I made the mistake of pointing it at the vCenter server.

I saw this thread when checking on solutions for converting .TIB to VMware virtual disk using the VMware Converter Standalone software 4.0.1 and just wanted to post a note to say that True Image Home 11 .TIB images are recognised correctly by the converter though an image from TIH 2010 was rejected as being unrecognised.

I have the same problem. I have a *.tib image made from Acronis True Image 9.1 with universal restore. The VMware converter comes with the message: The source virtual machine is not recognized. I have the latest VMware converter version 4.0.1 build-161434. Also the latest VMware Player (version 3.0.1. build 227600) cannot use or convert the *.tib image.

FAILED: An error occurred during the conversion: 'GrubInstaller::InstallGrub: /usr/lib/vmware-converter/ failed with return code: 127, and message: FATAL: kernel too old Error running through chroot into /mnt/p2v-src-root Command:

Several years back I successfully converted a physical machine to a virtual with VMware's converter standalone tool. That was several versions back obviously. Now, I am trying to do the same thing and failing. I have been looking to see why it is happening.

The conversion stops at 98% with an "Internal error." I can see the VM has been created on the ESXi server, but when attempting to start the VM, it goes into a boot loop failing at the "Starting Windows" logo, so I'm thinking it has something to do the configuration after the conversion. This is what I see in the vmware-converter-server log around the time of the failure:

2017-08-23T13:04:55.318-05:00 info vmware-converter-server[04188] [Originator@6876 sub=Default] Started task "task-4" for job="job-4", item ="3" -- void __thiscall Converter::Server::Job::JobProcessorImpl::StartProcessingJobs(void) ("d:/build/ob/bora-3533064/bora/sysimage/lib/converter/server/job/jobProcessorImpl.cpp:384")

2017-08-23T14:46:34.284-05:00 info vmware-converter-server[01944] [Originator@6876 sub=Default] [diagnosticManager,260] Retrieved taskInfo for "converter.task.Task:task-4" mapping it to "converter.task.Task:task-4".

2017-08-23T14:46:34.284-05:00 info vmware-converter-server[01944] [Originator@6876 sub=Default] [diagnosticManager,314] No existing log bundle found for task with id = "task-4". The task is still "recent" so a log bundle will now be generated for it.

2017-08-23T14:46:34.431-05:00 info vmware-converter-server[04184] [Originator@6876 sub=Default] Run 0 of job "job-4" finished with an error. -- struct Converter::Server::Job::JobExecutor::SchedulerUpdateSpec __thiscall Converter::Server::Conversion::ConversionJobExecutorImpl::UpdateJob(class Converter::Server::Job::InternalJob &,bool,const class Converter::Server::Scheduler::SchedulerItemStatistics &,const class Converter::Task::TaskInfo &) ("d:/build/ob/bora-3533064/bora/sysimage/lib/converter/server/conversion/conversionJobExecutorImpl.cpp:405")

2017-08-23T14:46:34.523-05:00 info vmware-converter-server[04184] [Originator@6876 sub=Default] Suspended 1 scheduler items for job (job-4) -- void __thiscall Converter::Server::Job::JobProcessorImpl::SuspendJobAux(const class Converter::Server::Job::InternalJob &,class Converter::VdbConnection &) ("d:/build/ob/bora-3533064/bora/sysimage/lib/converter/server/job/jobProcessorImpl.cpp:829")

Pardon my ignorance, but what information will help troubleshoot this error from the logs. I exported a log but it produces a bunch of converter-gui-#.log.gz and vmware-converter-server-#.log.gz files.

Please let me know how to disabled SSL encryption in vmware converter standalone 4.0. I know that it can be done in vmware converter 5.0 by editing converter-worker.xml file. But i am not sure for vmware converter 4.0.

I've been reading the standalone converter docs today. I have 43 Oracle VM version 2 virtual machines to migrate to VMWare. The OS for all the VM's is either Oracle Linux 5 or Oracle Linux 6. (Oracle is cloned from Red Hat, but you knew that ) I don't see Oracle VM listed as a source that the Standalone Converter Tool (SCT) would handle. Is SCT the right tool for the job?

Product: VMware vCenter Converter Standalone -- Error 1920.Service VMware vCenter Converter Server (vmware-converter-server) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.


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