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Julian Scott

Phantom English Dubbed Torrent Download _BEST_

The Pirate Bay has numerous torrent files available on the Internet such as movies, eBooks, audiobooks, application, games, music and many others. Here you can search for magnet links and download torrent files.

Phantom English Dubbed Torrent Download

Torrent Galaxy is one of the best torrent sites for movies. You can find tons of movies and TV shows here and download their torrent files or get their magnet links. More than that, some movie torrents also let you stream online at the fastest speed. One drawback is annoying ads often pop up when you browse the website.

I tested its UK torrenting server (London) while downloading Astronomy Picture of the Day from Legit Torrents. My speeds remained consistent, at around 52 Mbps. The file was quite large (2.62 GB), but it only took 7 minutes to download.


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