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Julian Scott
Julian Scott

[S13E4] Falling Slowly

Where do I start? I would first like to confirm that I feel insulted. Does the BBC really think I am falling for this crap? As well as this episode confirming that once again these candidates are dimwits, the show is evidently proud on implementing a circus. This is no longer The Apprentice. I do not know what it is.

[S13E4] Falling Slowly

When his superior, DCI Allen, falls ill, DI Jack Frost assumes command of an investigation into a young girl's disappearance, aided by DC Clive Barnard, the Chief Constable's nephew. Frost learns that the girl, Tracy Uphill, went missing from a community centre after her prostitute mother was late in collecting her. In the course of searching for Tracy, the police uncover the murdered remains of a bank clerk that had been shot, and who had seemingly vanished with a large sum of money. When the assistant bank manager is murdered with the same gun in the clerk's murder, Frost finds himself juggling his focus between two separate cases, and that of his wife's care as she slowly dies of cancer.

Chatting to Mrs Rice, Harold finds out that her daughter is not widowed, as he supposed, but is in an abusive marriage. Her husband, Philip, drinks, is insanely jealous and has a vicious temper. Her daughter's character is slowly being destroyed by this relationship. Mrs Rice has also found out from the hotel concierge that the two evil looking women are Polish sisters.

Jeff Bowmaker creeps around the graveyard. Someone watches him from behind. They slowly walk up to him. They are covered all over, except for the eyes. Jeff turns around and laughs. It is Faith Kent. 041b061a72


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