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Julian Scott
Julian Scott

Iphone 4s Hacktivate Ios 7 47

Hi friend!! For those who want Apple to reopen the signatures for ios 10.3.3 give us a hand. Just one click !! No money. Just one click! Thank you! -maestri-vogliamo-dinuovo-ios-10-3-3-su-ipad-air-ipad-mini-iphone-5s-iphone-6

Iphone 4s Hacktivate Ios 7 47

Hi. On ipad 1475 air 1 i removed the resistor many times but this time itunes recognises ipad as an iphone. I only find it on ipad mini until now but never on other ipad. Any help? I did donation Pavel almost 2 years ago when i first found your blog. I Will do again after i will test solution on ipad pro and air 2. Thx in advance

Hello greetings from venezuela thanks to all your informations about bypass in ipad learned to do in all the indicated models without being technician in iphone the verda I feel very grateful for I am living of this so many thanks auque I would like to do it in iphone again thanks

Hi everyone i have problem with ipad 2 3g by mistake i remove the resistor r1204 ..and now ipad is detecting as iphone and no software for this iphone error in itunes so i need help how to solve it out for ipad 2 3g i want to remove r1205 but by mistake i remove the r1204 so please guide me asap or email me solution ([email protected]) thanks in advanced 350c69d7ab


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